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This lick is additionally terrific to have in the vocabulary since it will work at a sluggish tempo, for that sultry, blues experience, and in more rapidly tunes, where it might convey a funky groove for your strains.

Getting researched songs with the College of North Texas, Ellis experienced a deep comprehension of harmony and melody that could be read in his traces and solos.

In this extensive, 251 lick in C major, you’ll see a 50 %-move ii-V sub being used over the initial two bars of the road.

Within this line, a C#dim7 is utilized to create a three to b9 arpeggio in excess of A7, a common jazz sub about seventh chords. A

However his jazz funk and fusion playing is recognized, Sco also has recorded a variety of vintage bebop motivated tunes and data.

Immediately after Finding out this line, placed on a backing observe and insert some chords among your lines to choose this idea additional inside your studies.

Maintain this in mind, since it’s the difference between being a “line participant” and possessing a strong grasp on the jazz tradition inside your solos.

When trying to find means of organizing these licks, it’s helpful to search for the fingering made use of so that you can Engage in this lick in other musical cases.

But, though it’s essential to learn lines, you don’t want to become a “lick player” by simply reciting strains as part of your solos.

Right here’s an example of an workout you may do above a G7 chord, using the G Mixolydian Scale as The premise for this work out.

Although it’s a diatonic line, no juicy chromatic notes, the sample and movement up the neck will provide that Abercrombie vibe into your enjoying.

Below’s an fan plays guitar example of a double-time Adam Rogers lick that utilizes a few chord subs over the iim7 chord.

But, once you've it below your fingers, it provides a nice touch to your dominant chords, especially in the context of a bluesy phrase.

So, think of that Take note as approaching G# rather then as a natural ninth in excess of an altered chord, which wouldn’t be the top Be aware preference With this instance.

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